Head of Clearing and Risk Management


Role Summary:

The ideal candidate will also be responsible to develop vision and strategy for Clearing and Risk Management for the DGCX Group in accordance with the overall organization objectives and manage clearing risk management effectively. In association with DCCC Risk Committee to devise, agree and adopt a pragmatic approach to balance global regulatory standards and business requirements to determine appropriate level of risk management that help drive the business. A key driver and liaison officer with local and international regulators, industry risk bodies.

Key Responsibilities
  • Set-up and review risk policies, procedures and strategies
  • Ensure a company-wide understanding of the risk polices and strategies implemented
  • As a member of DCCC Risk Committee (DRC), ensure all DGCX Group risk management policies, procedures and strategies are devised to international standards, approved and managed
  • Directly working with local and international regulators on issues related to Risk management of DGCX Group
  • Represent and participate in various risk bodies
  • Liaison with local and international regulators, participation in industry risk bodies & ensure international regulatory equivalence
  • Oversee day-to-day clearing risk
  • Ensure all operational activities are in compliance with relevant regulatory norms governing CCP operations
  • Develop and establish operating policies consistent with the CEO’s broad policies and objectives and insures their adequate execution
  • Manage the Clearing House to provide clearing and settlement services to DGCX across a broad range of asset classes, encompassing base and precious metals, hydrocarbons, currencies and equities
  • Ensure collateral administration and management for both cash and non-cash collateral to meet margin requirements
  • Manage the back office files as the collateral custodian and ensure that these files are available at the end of each trading day, such as collateral reports, market statistics and margin files
  • Drive business requirement, policies and procedures with regulators and risk bodies
  • Meet industry experts, strategize plans to implement new business in coordination with Management and DRC
  • Follow up on the application of capital adequacy standards issued by the Authority
  • Take actions based on internal risk assessment reports and/or external reports on DGCX and DCCC risk exposure
  • Implement new risk reports to develop adequate risk mitigation measures
  • Ensure DCCC risk is always covered
  • Prepare risk reports
  • In co-ordination with DCCC Management and DRC, implement the risk management framework, or development of existing risk management framework, including the policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors
Role Requirements:
  • University degree, or a recognized professional certificate; University Degree has to be equalised by the Ministry of Higher Educations in UAE
  • The candidate has passed the relevant CISI exams:
  • 1.     UAE Financial Rules and Regulations

    2.     Introduction to Securities and Investment (International)

    3.     Risk in Financial Services

    4.     Operational Risk

  • Experience of no less than ten years in the field of Financial Services or related fields
  • Five years minimum experience in clearing risk (knowledge of CCP activities, etc.)
  • Established working relationships within global governmental agencies and industry bodies such as ESMA, BIS, IOSCO, Basel Committee, EACH, CCP12 to help establish the DCCC brand and business globally
  • In depth knowledge about international trading practices & CCP risk management
  • Sound knowledge and exposure in multi asset trading environment from Exchange/Broker/Clearer perspective

If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, please apply through Head of Clearing and Risk Management | Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange | LinkedIn

Head of Trading and Surveillance


Role Summary:

Driving operational excellence will be the prime objective of this role. The ideal candidate will also be responsible for overseeing Trading and Surveillance Operations for the DGCX exchange. The role supports the CEO in the development and delivery of corporate objectives actively participating in shaping DGCX/DCCC overall strategy.

Key Responsibilities
  • Develop and maintain a sound plan for operations
  • Establish policies and processes to provide for capable management succession for those functions falling under the operations group
  • Involve in strategy formation and operations of key initiatives across DGCX group
  • Communicate strategy & obtain the buy-in from the operations group
  • Work closely with internal and external stakeholders to identify business changes and regulatory developments that warrant updating existing or developing new patterns or practices
  • Follow and implement adequate Surveillance policies, procedures and controls to ensure proper transparency and fairness of trading and orderliness in the Market and controls in respect of the Exchange Administrative Terminal to ensure effective management of critical trading functionalities on the DGCX platform; including Member management and product/contract creation
  • Monitor trading in products (within the Exchange and the Clearing House in order to detect suspicious trading activity that could adversely affect the firm and its reputation and take the necessary measures and timely actions
  • Analyse alerts escalated by the surveillance team leading to the detection and prevention of damaging misconduct
  • Ensure necessary resources available for system testing and development away from the live production environment to facilitate, inter alia, evaluation and impact analysis of new contracts creation and systems enhancements
  • Ensure team goals are aligned with overall corporate goals
  • Promote a culture of high performance and continuous improvement and high operational standards
  • Mentor and develop staff using a supportive and collaborative approach
  • Develop the team’s capacity to conduct high quality routine surveillance and clearing operations
Role Requirements:
  • Degree in Management/Economics/Accounting
  • At least 15 years of relevant experience in Exchange, Clearing Corporation or Financial institution operations
  • Sound industry knowledge and domain expertise
  • Communication skills, Problem solving skills, Team leadership, Management skills,
  • Productivity oriented; Strategic thinker; Assertiveness


If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, please apply through Head of Trading and Surveillance | Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange | LinkedIn

Data Sales Manager


Role Summary:

The ideal candidate will be responsible for optimising sales revenues with existing clients and information vendors so as to optimise profitability for the organisation. Also, to identity and attract new data sales revenue sources, manage each prospect, lead and through to contract closure to reach and exceed sales targets, along with developing future roadmaps for data sale, and work closely with the commercial team to increase DGCX’s data revenues.

Key Responsibilities
  • Formulate and manage the Data Sales Strategy to ensure a coherent plan across the DGCX group
  • Deliver and exceed Data Sales targets as per the annual budget
  • To find new users of DGCX Group data and to find new ways to bring Data Users to DGCX as a way of building revenues
  • Excellent knowledge of derivatives markets and exchange traded products to be able to promote complex data products in an effective manner
  • To support the formulation of a coherent Sales Strategy for Data Sales within the DGCX Group
  • To maintain and seek to improve the current Data Policy which will enhance data revenues long-term
  • To provide exceptional account management to existing Info Vendors
  • To attract new Info Vendors and maximise sales via this channel. This will optimise revenues from this crucial segment
  • Knowledge of local, regional, and international data vendors
  • Preferred previous book of data users, clients and data vendors
  • To coordinate contract negotiations with DGCX management and legal representatives to see through to timely and accurate completion
  • To manage the entire data sales life cycle to ensure timely receipt of revenues


Role Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree or similar preferred
  • Prior experience in data sales and managing data info vendors is essential. Five plus years’ experience working in financial markets is essential.
  • Existing network of info vendors and data contacts is highly desirable
  • Experience working for an exchange or a relevant data info vendor highly desirable
  • Prior experience of implementing a data strategy for an organisation is highly desirable
  • Experience implementing a cloud-based data distribution strategy is desirable
  • Deep knowledge of the data sales arena pertaining to trading of commodities, equities and/or currencies is essential
  • Working knowledge of financial markets, and in particular, exchanges, is essential
  • Understanding relevant price points (industry benchmarks) for different data packages is essential
  • Knowledge of the different mainstream vendors’ data offerings is essential
  • Understanding how an organization can use a data sales strategy to grow its revenues, is highly desirable
  • Knowledge of cloud technologies for data distribution is desirable. Being IT/tech savvy is also desirable
  • Basic Presentation skills and experience
  • Data sales expertise
  • Good communicator
  • Able to understand technical / complex work
  • IT/tech savvy


If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, please apply through Data Sales Manager | Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange | LinkedIn

Sales Manager – MENA


Role Summary:

DGCX is looking to hire a Sales Manager to be part of the Business Development team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for the acquisition, retention and sales function of all entities that contribute to the DGCX Group through the trading and clearing of DGCX products on the Exchange. This is both a relationship and sales role, focusing on a membership base across the proprietary trading, asset management, banking, commercial, industrial, hedge fund and financial intermediaries sectors. A high level of understanding of DGCX products and member business models is required for this role.

Key Responsibilities
  • Actively work with the Commercial team to identify members or potential members who have an interest in trading DGCX products in MENA both onshore and offshore
  • Facilitate workshops/ sales training events to improve member and prospect understanding of DGCX products and services and the opportunity that they offer in order to grow volumes
  • Look to grow trading volumes and revenues from existing client base. Actively grow the membership of the exchange through the acquisition of new members
  • Develop strategy to engage new business from the respective region
  • Encouraging banks to become DCCC settlement banks
  • Analyse the regional requirement for current and future DGCX products and develop plans to engage potential members, across all relevant member sectors and industries within MENA
  • Ensure that membership complaints are satisfactorily resolved and the resolution is communicated to the member in a timely and appropriate manner
  • Proactively communicate with members to resolve membership and trading concerns or issues
  • Manage specific agreements, such as VDA or LP contracts, as required and ensure it is recorded centrally as per the internal process
  • Keeping members informed of DGCX product and service offerings


Role Requirements:
  • Bachelor's degree preferably in financial subject from leading university
  • Minimum of 10 years in financial services sales function with banks/ Financial firms / Exchanges
  • Ideally, 5 years in derivatives exchange industry experience
  • B2B relationship management experience
  • Financial services industry knowledge, ideally derivatives exchange focused but strong understanding of capital markets and buy and sell-side drivers
  • Knowledge of the industry regulatory environment, specific for UAE and general global knowledge
  • A high level of understanding of derivatives and member business models is required for this role
  • Must be fluent in both Arabic and English


If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, please apply through Sales Manager – MENA | Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange | LinkedIn

Analyst – Sales


Role Summary:

Reporting to Sales Manager – India – responsible for business development in UAE & India markets working in collaboration with head of sales- India and consultant in India covering the territory. This will include day-to-day management of specified accounts; responding to queries and following-up on opportunities to develop and grow DGCX and DCCC revenues in the region.

Key Responsibilities
  • Grow trading volumes and revenues
  • Identify new prospects for DGCX and/or DCCC membership
  • Onboard new members and clients
  • Accurate pipeline management and sales forecasting
  • Clear communications to Sales Manager and Commercial Director at all times, providing timely updates on all issues/prospects
  • Ensures the correct procedures are followed to successfully convert and process all leads
  • Take a proactive approach in ensuring clients are fully aware of all future requirements and regularly follow up with clients on all stages of the applications including the payment to ensure a successful completion of the application and avoid any delays


Role Requirements:
  • 3-5 years’ experience in Client Relationship Management with strong communication and sales skills
  • Previous client facing experience and strong people skills
  • Previous sales experience in professional environment
  • Commodities knowledge and experience an advantage
  • High level of computer literacy & power point skills
  • CRM knowledge and experience an advantage
  • Excellent communication skills in English
  • Strong sales skills and culture
  • Strong knowledge of DGCX products and contracts
  • Basic Presentation skills and experience


If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, please apply through Analyst - Sales | Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange | LinkedIn

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