Exchange Technology

DCCC has partnered with Cinnober (now part of Nasdaq Technology AB) to provide an advanced technology platform to meet the clearing needs of its Clearing Members and their clients.

The clearing solution provides near real-time clearing functionality allied with robust risk management capabilities, enabling market participants to trade with confidence, knowing that all transactions will be cleared, margined and settled in line with industry standards.

Clearing Platform

EOS Logo.pngEOS, the DGCX trading platform provides DGCX and its Member community with:

  • Multi-asset, multi-currency trading and clearing facility
  • High speed and low latency matching capability
  • Fully redundant and scalable platform
  • State of art real time risk-management and surveillance capabilities
  • Advanced world-class  clearing capabilities
  • Round the clock 24-hour trading and clearing  capability
  • Support of industry standard protocol – FIX 5.0 for order entry
  • Global connectivity
  • Low latency network access

An ideal market place for Retail, Institutional and High-Frequency Trading (HFTs) communities.


Today technology is the backbone of all financial markets and DCCC is no exception. It offers Clearing Members a wide range of connectivity solutions in conjunction with those offered to trading members and their clients. These solutions offer minimal time to market, access to real time information, sophisticated software and timely support at an affordable cost to maintain their edge, and in particular include:

  • Proximity hosting services (colocation) to Exchange Members and ISV’s in the DGCX datacenter thereby providing ultra-low latency  access to the EOS platform
  • Members can subscribe shared or dedicated rack space, Internet and communication links to meet the business objective
  • Access to dedicated or shared Order Routing and Management Services,  provided by world’s leading ISVs in the colocation facility
  • Hardware infrastructure under PaaS Model