Physically Delivered Products

DCCC requires physical delivery of all open positions held in the following contracts:

  • Spot Gold Contract – Shari’ah Compliant

Delivery Process

For the FX contracts listed above, delivery takes place via respective currency accounts held with DCCC Approved Clearing Banks. Therefore, Clearing Members must ensure that they have settlement accounts in the respective currency with an Approved Clearing Bank. Delivery of the Shari’ah Spot Gold contract takes place using the DMCC’s Tradeflow platform (Tradeflow). Tradeflow is a dedicated online platform for registering ownership of commodities and the subsequent transfer. Clearing Members who wish to clear Shari’ah Compliant – Spot Gold contracts must be members of Tradeflow. For further information on how to open settlement accounts in other currencies and/or how to become a Tradeflow member, please contact the DCCC Clearing and Settlement team: